Delegate Competition Fund — ARK V2 Application Idea Contest

Marc Schot
Dec 4, 2018 · 1 min read

The Delegate Competition Fund, a group of ARK delegates joining forces for this competition, invites everybody to participate in the V2 Application Idea Contest:

ARK Core V2 will take ARK to the next level and will be the foundation for many applications to be built on top of it. We think that an ecosystem thrives by its usage and therefore invite all of you to send us your ideas of applications we can build on top of ARK Core V2. Think outside the box, think about the Internet of Things, think about Social Networks and most of all think about anything we didn’t think about yet!

Our judges, all winners of Ark Development Bounties, will select the best 3 ideas to be rewarded with generous amounts of ARK and we will build your applications!

1st place: 50% of the contributed ARK

2nd place: 30% of the contributed ARK

3rd place: 20% of the contributed ARK

You can check the amount of ARK already contributed by the members of the Delegate Competition Fund on

We also randomly select one of the participants to win an artwork from The Golden Horde!

You can submit your ideas to before December the 12th, 2018.

The Delegate Competition Fund (delegates Arkland, Arkoar.Group, Cryptology, Deadlock, Fun, Geops, Goose, Itsanametoo, Mak, Pieface, The Foundry, The Golden Horde and not-yet-a-delegate Dated)

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