Best articles on Trump of 2017 (so far)

The third in a series of worthwhile readings on the rise of Trump

American Affairs — a new intellectual journal for the age of Trump. Its first issue is interesting throughout, but especially for editor Julius Krein’s essay “James Burnham’s Managerial Elite”.

Creating Economic Assets Out of Nothing — Scott Adams on the economics of optimism

Trump and the American Divide — from classical historian and farmer Victor Davis Hanson

Peter Thiel interview — with the (failing) New York Times

Trump in Flatland — a fable of the the rise of Trumpism

American Carnage — the scale of America’s new heroin problem

Our Miserable 21st Century — America after 16 years of decline

If you found this helpful, you might enjoy my book exploring the nine secrets that helped Trump take the White House, How To Win Like Trump.

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