Sore Legs and a Fresh Mind…

…carry with them a strong finish of a productive day of absolutely nothing.

In an age of constant assault on the little free time allotted, with cell phones and extra curricular activities, the brain of a typical young person locks into the low functioning power of a factory machine, aimlessly performing the daily routines of the contemporary society. Each email to a coworker or rehearsal with the ensemble passing as if the muscles are directing themselves. The simplest way to alleviate this lull is a step out the front door towards nowhere.

Walking aimlessly is frowned upon in some circles, seen as unproductive and pointless. There is indeed a point, that of a needle-sharp pain in the left ankle and the right calf. An ache in the lower portion of the body after a long walk from point A to point pain is a formidable opponent of the mushy mind.

The purpose of the walk is not to feel pain, unless sadism runs in the family, but to put one foot in front of the other for a reasonable amount of time. The strut strengthens the mind by allowing it to shut out the clutter of the day. Going nowhere gives the body all the work while the mind rests, refueling for the next email to come.

Sitting in that office chair with ice packs on the knees, the brain gently nods a sign of gratitude in light of the break.