Stateless authentication for Microservices

Marcus Cavalcanti
Nov 8, 2018 · 9 min read

Resource access restriction

Designing an authentication layer

Sidecar proxy

Sidecar proxy pattern (source: Microsoft)

API Gateway

API Gateway pattern (source: Nginx)

Shared library

Breaking down the shared library approach

JWT and stateless authentications

Anatomy of a token: encoded and decode (source:
Flowchart for creating a new user session with JWT. (Source: Toptal)

Shared library, also known as the security module

Intercepting an API request made by a consumer

Renewing the validity of the token

Lessons learned

Protect your domain layer

Application layers: business rules protected by the proxy pattern

Don't include your JWT secret key in the library code

Stateless authentication also means you don't have control to revoke tokens

The more information your token has, the larger it will be

Marcus Cavalcanti

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Currently @OLX. Previously @Amazon Web Services and @B2W Digital.

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