Multimedia Critique

I chose to critique a multimedia piece from Epic Magazine titled, “Pipino: Gentlemen Thief.” Epic is a magazine that specializes in telling true life character driven narratives. The stories are built as interactive continuous-scroll web experiences with pictures and moving graphics.

Epic does heaps of investigation on each story, resulting in a detail rich adventure that immerses the reader in another world. I really like the choice to make the story a continuos piece of media. It makes me feel like I am on a journey. At a usual time when I would need to click to the next page I am greeted with a graphic that illustrates the story and yet leaves room for my imagination.

In addition to including graphic illustrations of maps and scenery, Epic splices in photos of the real people and places. This helps to ground the story in reality and validate the unbelievable twists and turns.

This particular Epic story was about Vincenzo Pipino, a famous thief of Venice who gets caught up in a web of dangerous relationships as he attempts the most difficult heist of his career, the Modanna Col Bambino painting housed in the Ducale Museum. The story is more than a half an hour long read however I found it easy to finish. I find Epic stories very capturing. The larger than life tales are hard to believe and often leave my mind in a knot and my heart restless.

There was not much I disliked about this story by Epic. One thing that could possibly add to the immersive quality of the story is the accompaniment of music. Music from the time and place of the story could help set the scene just as the graphics and photos do. Something subtle that doesn’t change often and distract the reader. It is clear that Epic is mainly focused on good writing but I think offering an auditory experience could work well with certain stories.

All in all I thought Epic’s story of Vincenzo Pipino is a great example of multimedia storytelling. I will be keeping my eye out for their next true life tale. Narrative storytelling with hard investigated details, pictures and immersive graphics makes for an effect similar to that of a good magic trick. Epic’s stories seem to turn reality upside down and leave people in electric disbelief.

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