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This is worse than a “hot-take”; this is a contrived take, an argument manufacturing evidence to fill up banner space for a website…

Let’s just walk through a few of many faulty points:

  1. You write: “The Warriors play so fast and attempt so many outrageous shots that it’s beyond comprehension how any coach would allow a team to play that way.” — Shots aren’t outrageous if they are proven over a significant sample size (3+ seasons) to be more valuable/effective, which is why the Warriors have a top-tier offense.
  2. You write: “KD and Curry, turning games into track meets with nothing but contested 3s and uncontested dunks and hoisting garbage shots as soon as there’s a whistle so they’ll inexplicably get free throws that aren’t really deserved.” — Let’s be clear: the Cavs’ ineptitude on defense is what created the 3-point/dunk fest early in the series, though some corrections were made by Game 3. And Steph’s after-whistle-garbage-shots are a reaction to a flaw in officiating that he saw other players getting away with.
  3. You write: “Yet it should also be recognized as unique, as there’s a reason that college basketball’s national championship game looked so different than these NBA Finals.” — The NCAA championship game looks so different because there is not nearly the level of talent, the floor spacing is crammed within a too-short three-point line, the officiating is horrendous, and too often the best teams are eliminated in a tournament style designed to create profitable chaos rather than elevate greatness.

You are correct in pointing out that the Warriors are most likely not replicable, and that there will inevitably be countless mediocre versions of their style that do not succeed. So what? The solution is definitely not a retreat to “walking the ball up the floor and setting thousands of screens.”

This read like an attempt to Make Basketball Great Again, and we all know how effective that approach is…

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