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As Britain entered its first week of lockdown, I sat on a bench in a park near my home in east London and answered the first and final phone call from my therapist.

For the 14 weeks prior to lockdown I’d been attending weekly face-to-face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions, stemming from a bout of intense health anxiety that erupted in my brain in early 2019.

For the best part of a year I’d been tangled in an unrelenting web of irrational health concerns; every headache was a life-ending tumour, every slightly enlarged lymph node a sure sign of terminal…

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A couple of weeks ago, alt pop singer-songwriter Halsey revealed to her near 19 million Instagram followers that her current tour, the Manic World Tour, would be her last “for a very long time”.

On Sunday, 8 March, she provided a little context for the 20,000 fans who flooded the 02 Arena for a sold-out London date.

Halsey reveals on Instagram that 2020 will mark the end of her touring for “a very long time”

“I started noticing that you guys are growing up right in front of my eyes…I’ve watched so many of you get married, go to university…

La Roux takes to the stage at PRZYM in Kingston upon Thames

“I’m so fucking sorry it was five years ago — it’s not going to be five years again!”

Elly Jackson, aka La Roux, tells an intimate crowd at Kingston upon Thames’ PRZYM nightclub. It’s the Brixton-born singer’s first live show in almost four years; a small, in-store warm up gig ahead of the release of the GRAMMY award winner’s third LP, Supervision, a record five years in the making and unmaking.

It feels somewhat apt that one of Britain’s most distinguishable vocal talents is making a comeback to the stage less than 24 hours after we’ve left the European Union…

Sigrid performs live at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, 4th Dec 2019

“It’s our very last show of 2019, so let’s just fucking enjoy it!”, Norwegian pop starlet Sigrid commanded a sold out crowd at London’s Hammersmith Apollo last week.

And that’s exactly what lies as the foundations of a Sigrid gig: joy. Often walking hand in hand, joy as an emotion finds a home in pop music, and no blossoming act of the last few years has outlined that quite as pristinely as Sigrid.

When joy and innocuous pop fuse, with little ideology or agenda, the masses are attracted. As scores of people scrunched into the 3000+ capacity venue, it became…

Lily Allen has never been a people pleaser. She has, however, always been a total hun.


Photo by Benoît Derrier via Flickr

Since ballooning onto the British music scene via the OG social media hole MySpace in 2006, she’s been embodied by her London grit and gaucheness, much to the disdain of Daily Mail readers and straight-up misogynists across the country.

Despite being the tabloid’s favourite punch bag for a solid few years, sketched out inaccurately as a loathsome character with a penchant for trouble, she was and remains still one of their greatest assets.

Trite tabloid culture existed long before Allen’s time, but the singer-songwriter bit back, and often, always with a tongue firmly in her cheek. She became a…

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Everything about Homeslice Shoreditch relies on the sheer beauty of simplicity. It’s a simple menu in a simple environment, celebrating life’s greatest pleasures: pizza and booze. Yet, at Homeslice, pizza isn’t just pizza. It’s a passion.

Décor prides itself on modern authenticity, a monolithic wood-fired oven clasping the spotlight upon entry and wooden furnishings adopting a rustic-yet-relevant feel. Round the back and downstairs, space is laidback and airy but above all warm; this is the place to be for an after work catch up, a casual date, or a buzzy Friday night treat. You can use your fingers without catching…

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A mum has faced the wrath of Twitter users after accusing Little Mix of ‘taking the innocence’ from her child after a man proposed to his boyfriend at one of their concerts.

The parent appeared to be incandescent with rage following the band’s show at Manchester Arena on Friday (15th November), taking to the social media app to voice her disapproval at having to witness a ‘staged gay marriage proposal’.

She furiously posted: “@LittleMix first and last time at your gig. A staged gay marriage proposal and kissing, my 6 year old lad asking me questions now. You’ve taken that…

In the first week of 2019, a little song called Juice by now-household name Lizzo dropped online. Glimmering with an 80’s sheen and funk-pop bounce, it was shampoo commercial ready and a certified hit.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, don’t say it ’cause I know I’m cute” opens Lizzo, singing with such suave nonchalance that you don’t only know that Lizzo knows she’s cute, but you’re left feeling pretty damn cute yourself. The notion of ‘empowerment’ is far too disposable these days, but for Juice, the shoe simply fits.

Less than a fortnight later and then-Prime Minister Theresa May…

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Taylor Swift has taken to Instagram Live to announce the immediate release of The Archer, the latest cut from her seventh studio album, Lover.

The track, produced by pal and long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff, is the third taster of the aptly titled album, yet steps away from the candied, kid-bop landscape of previous Lover singles Me! and You Need To Calm Down. Instead, The Archer harks back to earlier work and fan favourites You Are In Love and All Too Well, with lyrics touching on vulnerabilities and insecurities and draped over a humming, understated synth beat. Listen below:


Photo: Eva Rinaldi, Licensed under CC.2.0, Cropped

Nine years ago, pop behemoth Kylie Minogue unveiled the ethereal, skin-to-skin music video for All The Lovers, the lead single from her eleventh record. It was an unapproved partnership between Dove and Pornhub. It was a bit like what I imagine the showers are like on day one at a festival for hipsters pretending to like folk music. It was incredible.

Not only is it one of Minogue’s most renowned videos to date, combining sensuality, sexuality and sexiness so effortlessly despite the task at hand (manoeuvring from orgy simulation to a bird release), it was also a mark of celebration…

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