Founder’s Mindset

Daily Habit.

I work out 6 days a week.

1.5 hours each day.

I count each second I run.

I count every minute I rest.

I challenge myself to have the patience to complete every repetition that builds to every set of exercises.

It is hard.

It is repetitive.

It is boring.

Working out is my personal metaphor for the simple and difficult path to getting things right.

Whatever I’m doing seems to succeed only through small steps.

Eating better.

Reading more.

Thinking more clearly.

Each step leads to the next one.

And that next step does not exist without the first.

Entrepreneurship is this path.

it comes from consistent, focused action.

These actions are a series of small steps that only become meaningful when combined together, when built upon each other.

Start out with an idea.

It is probably a terrible idea.

Build it.

Explore it.

Discover a better idea that starts to engage interest.

Realize that the better idea is actually a few entirely different ideas.

Focus. Refine. Guess. Learn. Repeat.

You do not need to have the right answer.

You just need the right habit.

Become better every day.

Josh Fechter inspired these thoughts on a Founder’s Mindset. Thanks for the inspiration!

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