Why We Ignore Climate Change

And how to change the way we think

Marcus Arcanjo
Jan 17 · 4 min read
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It’s Too Heavy

We have a problem with talking about negative things. We hate it. It’s why we avoid confrontations in relationships, ignore depressing news headlines and try to remove ourselves from mood-killing conversations, even when they’re important. Instead, we withdraw to thinking about topics that make us feel happier — our comfort zone.

Changing How We Think

To successfully influence our behavioral approach to climate change we need to alter how it is communicated. Science is boring to most people. It’s vital in understanding the threats but unless you’re an expert or researcher, it’s unengaging.

We need to cultivate positive emotions associated with climate actions rather than negative emotions coming from climate impacts.

Feelings of fear intertwined with guilt are not conducive to active engagement. That’s the reason aggressive veganism has hindered progress to influence environmental impact.

Messaging is key. Photo — The Guardian

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