On The Tax Fraud

The GOP’s tax bill, which passed today, will lower corporate taxes permanently and individual taxes temporarily. And the individual tax cuts are greatly slanted in favor of the wealthiest Americans. To some extent this is because those Americans pay more in taxes in the first place. But it’s also in keeping with longstanding conservative dogma that taxes “punish success,” and that tax cuts at the top will “trickle down” to everyone else in the form of higher wages and more jobs.

This trickle down philosophy is disputed, to put it very mildly. But as with all dogmas, the philosophy is completely impervious to reason or facts. So it is not surprising that, with complete Republican control of government, trickle down has been thrust upon the nation yet again. Hello there, 1980s.

The only thing remarkable is the brazenness of the lies with which the GOP spun the tax bill. As just one example: Estate taxes are not “death taxes,” and already only affected a tiny proportion of people anyway. (Under the new law the exemption levels for estate taxes will be greatly increased.) Conservatives were always dogmatic about trickle down economics, but at least they used to have some sense of shame and decorum as they peddled their fictions. Those were the days my friend.