“Took to Twitter”

We have now entered a doomsday period in which major policy pronouncements, and announcements, are issued via tweet. In the blink of an eye a major cruel new policy is announced or a new troll war is launched online.

Grim times indeed. But one thing that amuses me is how all of the reporting notes that the individual in question “took to Twitter” to do their thing. Sometimes, the person might be “taking to Twitter” but usually the deed is already done and so they “took to Twitter” instead. There’s always an act of taking, somehow and some way.

This phrase has been around for a few years; the link above goes to a 2014 Medium story. But in our feverish political age it has acquired new force. You can’t turn around without hearing that so-and-so has engaged in a new round of taking to Twitter.

This gets old. In the interest of variety, here are some alternatives:

  • “Proclaimed on Twitter”
  • “Shouted via Twitter”
  • “Lied through Twitter”
  • “Stated using Twitter”
  • “Said on Twitter”
  • “Observed using Twitter”

And so forth. Let’s stop it with all the taking, people. Variety is the spice of life.

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