Why you were not born to have a job
Gustavo Tanaka

Nice thoughts, Gustavo. Happy to see that things are moving also in Brazil. I know that Ricardo Semler among others are pushing for a change towards humanity in the workplace. I agree that we are not suited to have a single career and work our asses off, regardless if we are employees or startuppers.

However, things are actually happening. Many people are already having parallell careers and doing just what you mentioned; publishing a book, consulting for MLE:s and arranging events simultaneously. Others prefer to “focus” on one single task or business idea, it all depends on who we are.

I think pretty soon (within the next generation) the majority of people will not be employed in the classical sense. They will be freelancers, creators and co-workers in virtual organizations. They will pursue their purpose in life. But the transition will not come without anxiety. Most people, and virtually all politicians, believe that we are all “entitled” to having a Job. All the time.