Making My Next Move Thinking Like a VC

Coming off of a recent failed startup venture and having just graduated, I was back to the drawing board with a lot of newly acquired insights, perspectives, and lessons learned.

After spending time reflecting on my previous experiences, thinking deeply about what I am trying to accomplish, and taking an honest inventory of my skill sets & desired skill sets, I landed on the decision to try and think like a VC and search for a startup to invest in.

But instead of investing capital, I would be investing myself by joining the team.

I first dialed in my investment criteria:

I wanted to join a startup in which I could provide the most amount of value, have the greatest positive impact, learn the most, and grow the most in my entrepreneurial journey.

Next was figuring out the domain I wanted to focus on.

After looking at a few cool startups in the Seattle area, I realized that I was especially drawn to the real estate startups. Having worked at CBRE and having been interested in the industry for a few years now, I decided to hone in on RE startups.

The more I looked into the RE tech space, the more bullish I became. Real Estate is the largest industry and the largest asset class and yet the industry has been wildly slow in its adoption of new technology.

A huge market + slow tech adoption = tremendous room for innovation.

So I was sold on Real Estate tech as the domain I wanted to be in.

Now that I locked down the domain, I needed to decide on the stage to invest in as I was intrigued by both Seed stage and Series A stage RE tech startups.

Based on my inv. criteria, I decided to take a Seed approach as I wanted to join a startup that was far along enough to where I can provide immediate value in a sales role (not pre-product stage), while also being early enough to put myself in a position where I can make a material impact on the trajectory of the company.

Now that I dialed in on Seed stage RE tech startups, it was a matter of finding the best startup within this space.

So I spent a decent chunk of time familiarizing myself further with the current state of tech innovation in the industry and knew I wanted to be a part of a venture that was approaching the industry with a unique angle powered by the technology of the future.

And I needed to be sold on the startup’s mission, product, & value prop.

Through the process of scavenging AngelList, CrunchBase, Geekwire, & other sources, I came across a startup in Seattle after reading a GeekWire article that talked about how the company is leveraging machine learning & artificial intelligence to predict the highest and best use of any given property in a market to help add transparency and empower property owners to get the most out of their properties.

As I investigated further and learned more about the market, the product, the vision and value proposition of the startup, I started to become more intrigued.

After more research and after emailing and meeting with the founder to learn more about the company and learn more about the role I would play, I made the decision to accept an offer with the startup.

I’m excited to see where the opportunity takes me and to see how my first investment as a wannabe VC turns out.