Coach Kozak + Dubstep

A month and a half ago, I had no idea who Coach Kozak was, or what Hasfit was. In fact, A month an a half ago (or closer to two months ago) I was in Hawaii with my family. It was a great time, chilling on the beach, spending my days in an amazing resort and having a great time. But I was also using the facilities in this resort (The Hilton Waikoloa) and I was doing treadmill walking mostly. But when I saw a few pictures of myself at the beach (I rarely go to the beach) I didn’t like what I saw.

Obviously I don’t look terrible. I am a 6'1, reasonably slim guy, but I’ve worked out in the past and looked completely different. I didn’t like what I saw because I know (for me) I could look different. Traveling to Hawaii and being reminded the world was so large and that life potential is equally large galvanized me to make some changes.

BUT, before you think I’m a narcissistic meat head, read below.

What happened is, on the way to Hawaii I fell into a heavy one day depression. Why? Over the years I’ve suffered numerous injuries, and sometimes when I travel, they all flare up. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the altitude, but it drives me crazy. Two years ago I suffered an injury on one of those stationary bicycles with the two prongs you can use like an elliptical as you are riding. At the time I mixed this routine in with running and skipping. One day my chest started burning me like crazy and I swore I had heart problems. Six or so doctors later, (the heart was fine thank god) but no one definitively knew what my injury was. But the most logical diagnosis was that the right side of my body was overdeveloped, and when I was doing certain exercises, the left side was over compensating, muscles tore and created a lot of pain.

This pain lasted for an entire two years. This entire time, I didn’t work out.

Initially, simple activities would trigger this pain. Lifting up light objects, throwing a ball, or dancing. As an athlete and a person who likes to be active, this was very depressing. So slowly, I stopped working out. I stopped being active. Because I wanted to avoid the pain. Physically, I look okay with my regular diet, but I wanted to look a little bit better, and I wanted a solution. So the day after my major depression in Hawaii, I hit the gym. I did a few miles on the treadmill and then relaxed in a steam room. I swam in the pool during the days, and I made sure each day to workout. I said to myself, that even if I was doing it on my own I would try and balance my body and feel healthier and feel better in general.

this is my house lol

Eventually I tested out light running, but it took a long time for me to break a sweat and I wasn’t able to see the gains I wanted (pushups, situps, etc)

So I mentioned this to a friend after returning to Jamaica, that I wanted a low impact workout with good gains. He mentioned this thing called “Hasfit” and I took a look at the Youtube videos. It seemed reasonable enough, and i decided to not just do the 30 minute Cardio Kickboxing workout, but to do it for 30 days. Why? Because after day one, I realized that even though I was sweating like an elephant in a sauna, the range of exercises were pretty balanced, and I had pushed myself to my physical limits and I felt no pain! So I surmised a full 30 days of this, would not only increase my strength, but give me visible gains and also help me with my confidence.

So I did it.

Day after day, with coach Kozak shouting at me to do ballistic pushups, telling me not to stop and so on. I hit several snags. On day two doing high knee jumps, I resprained my right ankle, which is prone to sprains. So I took a day off, but on day four did the routine in a modified manner. I didnt’ want anything to stop my progress. I wanted to sweat every day. I leaned on a couch and did my kicks. I skipped lunges and replaced roundhouse kicks with knees.I also weight loaded my left arm so that the left side of my body would be getting a slighter tougher workout than the right side. Eventually, I would load two extra pounds on my left arm to build the left side, and it felt amazing feeling my body start to balance itself day after day.

Me on day one

Physically, I had some issues with my thighs at some point, ocassionally my arms would feel like wood after doing ballistic pushups, but I was also drinking Herbalife protein shakes each day, so my repair was fine. But the reality is, which I saw, was having my coach shouting at me, working out with me (even virtually) kept me going each day. If he didn’t stop, I couldn’t stop. This wasn’t some spreadsheet with a list of exercises. This was a person doing the exercise with me. Not just that, he was doing the exercises and SPEAKING THE ENTIRE TIME. The man is a beast, and because he is a beast, he kept me going.

In fact, in my tunnel vision determination to do the program, I didn’t even know I was doing things somewhat wrong. It was day 27 before I realized that on the Hasfit website they recommend five days working out and two days of rest. I hadn’t rested since day one. I could feel the toll on my thighs more than anything; I hadn’t kicked anything this much since high school. But I kept going anyways, even when my right groin area was giving some trouble. I killed the squats and did high knees, and replaced roundhouse kicks with knees. But I was chasing those thirty days. I had to prove to myself I could do it. Each day I sweated like a pig, and each day I felt completely fulfilled.

This is my excited face :)

You see, I told a girl a few months ago that nothing is more maddening that chronic pain. I would wake up at nights with my chest stinging in pain. I would do menial tasks like washing dishes, or driving or whatever, and depending on the angle of how I moved, I could end up with pain in my shoulders or chest that could last a day or two. This unpleasantness moved from depression to a state of complete frustration. I had seen so many doctors, and none had a solution. But I figured that my physiotherapist had the best idea, that there was some kind of imbalance going on. In fact, I felt it. I could feel that the right side was overdeveloped, and I’d been doing “planar” exercises on the exercise bike that aggravated the left side in terrible ways.

But even on day 26 of doing this workout, I had no real pain. There were slight tingles here and there, but I knew that I was building. I was burning and settling things, I was moving towards my goal. Each day when I did my 30 second punch out and coach screamed “DON’T STOP! DONT’ STOP!” I didn’t. Some days were rough and some days I was fighting right along side him, blowing through ballistic pushups and feeling powerful.

On day thirty, I felt accomplished. My body looked different, my skin looked clearer and my energy had increased considerably. My regular intake of my Herbalife shakes helped keep me in check nutrition wise, and I had done it, I had hit the 30 day mark and had seen visible changes. But This was just step one.

A body can’t change in just 30 days. Historically I know 6–12 weeks is really the time that significant change occurs, but now at least, I have a pathway. I have a means to look into the future and hopefully, see one without pain once I keep the routine up and keep pushing. On day 31 (after one day of rest) I tried the warrior workout. It was brutal. The first round was almost impossible for me. Possibly because I had worked out literally for 30 days without rest, or because I didn’t have enough upper body strength. Regardless, I stuck it out and did the last four rounds without much difficulty. Oh, and here is my before and after:

But i’m writing this because I’m happy I found this. For a long time I felt broken and unfixable, and to even enjoy working out and not be racked with pain afterwards was an amazing feeling. I’m not saying Hasfit healed me. For two years I didn’t do ANY major activity, and I know my body was slowly healing some of the injury that happened. But only two months ago in Hawaii while traveling and lifting heavy suitcases, I was racked with pain again. So I decided instead of avoid activity, I decided I would get stronger. y otherwise (i’ve been taking these products for a long time before doing this anyhoo). So the point is, I am feeling significantly stronger and better and as my body improves in strength, I am looking forward to maintaining this state.

SO, here’s to getting stronger and enjoying another 30 days of Hasfit (with rest!) and (ocassional) Warrior workouts plus my Herbalife nutrition!!! :)

Thanks coach Kozak