How I Became an Artist
Noah Bradley

This was incredibly moving and detailed. Like you, i’ve obsessively documented aspects of my own journey, though I can’t say my transitions have led me to where I want to be yet… but it is great to see the growth in your art, style and composition. I could see your shift from a neophyte to a fully realized artist. As your story and talents grew, so did your personal art universe and real life. What I really liked about this story though, was how candid you were about the highs and lows. But really, what I like that I hope everyone else sees, is that you set a high bar for yourself from day one. You were willing to go to a different school, take a year off before starting, and try different things to reach your goal. Instead of being saddled with too much debt, you instead saddled yourself with skills, put yourself out there and made it happen. Man, I don’t know where to start in terms of putting some of what you’ve written to use in my personal endeavours, but I am sure there are more than enough gems in this article. Thanks for giving this Jamaican creative a touch of inspiration this Tuesdays. Thanks so much for sharing and all the best in your future success!

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