How Music, Chakras, & Your Spirit Coexist

What great wonders music holds on our species. How can something so abundant, come in so many forms and dynamics, and still be able to speak to that sacred tiny space in everyone’s heart? Everyone you know has in some point in time connected with someone, based solely off the music they both were interested in. Music is such an integral part of how we function, how we get to work, how we express emotions in a less physical manner. People like to resort to music to get them through their day or to best recollect a feeling, time, or event. Music is power, Music is insight. We are a species that evolved through communicating, so you can look at Music as messages to us humans, from our higher presence.

“Music doesn’t only affect your mood. Music affects the way your brain respond chemically. It may also affect the nervous system in brain.” Rathmines (Dublin)

We are all creators. No matter what religion you believe in, it’s safe to say we all can agree that we came from a great creator and he/she created all that is reality. We connect in ways modern science has yet to discover. It’s also safe to say that one of the greatest gifts God gave to man and woman was creativity and the power to create. I am utilizing that gift right now by creating this story to hopefully inspire you or someone you know. After my own studies in life, gaining my repution as an independent musical artist & writer in Chicago and graduating from college, I learned some mind-blowing truths about the universe. As artists we have a intuitive obligation to humanity, that bleeds deeper than any personal agendas in any industry. We uphold a position to create and express such a free-living environment that most people working (especially in America) only wish to experience.

There’s always been sayings and a philosophy passed down by most indeginous & ancient cultures, around the world that, “Reality is everything you want it to be” or “Reality is a projection” or “The Mind is The All”. All that is outside of the body and on this earth, is also within onesself. This is where music is important. You can look at this reality in two main different ways, and that’s in particles (atoms) or vibrations(wavelengths). What is known today, that I am here to share with you, is how the primary chakra points in our bodies correlate to the Chromatic and Major Scales in music and on a piano.

Chakras derive from the sanskrit word, meaning “wheel”. A chakra is a wheel-like vortex spinning in a circular motion within the body. To talk about chakras we must make one thing clear about reality before we can continue. The visible light spectrum correlates with the colors and journey through the Chakra system. Each color has a vibration and own frequency. Red, the root chakra for example, is warm through it’s long and slow vibration, while violet is cool and calm from it’s short and fast vibration.

We bring in energy through chakras on a vibratory level. Each chakra radiates energy to governing glands, connected to other body parts resonating on the same frequency. So when one chakra becomes blocked or out of sync, the surrounding and connected organs and glands gradually get effected. It is through chakras that people can find proper harmony of mind, body, & spirit.

Musical Notes-Color Correspondences in the Visible Spectrum of Light

When you break light apart, you get the spectrum broken in 7,8, or 13 main color groups. These beams of light are what our physical manifestation are tethered too. Looking from source’s point of view and through an etheric prism, we would embody the light beings we truly are, instead of human beings(Hue-Man, get it?). Mother Earth has chakra points herself, and now you can clearly see why the entire world is so unbalanced and chaotic up to it’s present day. It has been a gradual build up of this disharmony and it’s picked up with the more technological advancements we are experiencing.

2014 Magnetic Field

I’m not going to go deep into the instances of how we effect our chakras, on a daily level but the qualities in chakras relate to the frequencies of life your living in and when you’ve mastered one, you can transcend to the next level of inner wisdom. Majority of the people currently living in today’s world are living in just the first three lower chakras. These three control your survival (Root Chakra), sexuality(Sacrel Chakra), and will power(Solar Plexus Chakra) in this world. After the third chakra there is a half-step hiding the fourth (heart chakra) & higher chakras. As a child, we are unaware to how much there is to life, but explore at a young instinctual age. Most are not aware to the beauty and gifts beyond this half step in life, and can live their lives away on these limited more physical & dense planes of existence. Either that, or continue to evolve, grow, and empower the higher chakras. When we get to the fifth (Throat) chakra, music, sound, and creativity becomes the focal point for evolution.

Music is an ultimate healer to my generation. In the chromatic scale, best seen on piano keys, adding the five black keys to the eight white keys that make up the C major scale totals thriteen notes. When you add the pentatonic scale, of the five black keys to the C major scale you get the chromatic scale. Beginning with C, we have the following chromatic scale:

C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C

The half steps or “Mirror Walls” are between E and F and between B and C. notice that there is no sharp note in between these pairs. The special void between the fourth and the fifth note of an octave is between F and G. The chromatic scale has twelve notes, and the thirteenth is the return, or the first note of the next scale. In every octave there are seven notes, and the eighth is the return. This means that the eighth chakra of and the thirteenth note of the chromatic scale are the same note and have the same role. Fitting the harmonic systems with the chakra styem gives us the Chromatic 13-Chakra system. This system gives us a topographical (body surface) distance of 7.23cm between chakras. That number is the same exact number in the frequency in which we, as beings of light and energy, are living in our 3rd-Dimension (There are 144 dimensions of reality in total,with 12 subdivisions in each one). That half-step in keys is the 90 degree shift in musical tones and human consciousness. That is when singularity is reached within self and when all the peices in life just connect. You transition from the previously mastered lower centers, to the new expansive higher ones.

In this day in age, we as a generation are looked upon as tech savy and innovative, yet extremely sensative. In reality, we are partnering and harnessing energies in ways specifically needed for this time in our history. We show our streignth in numbers, but also maintain the individual presence within the greater collective presence. As said earlier, our planet’s chakras have been out of balance and as a result some areas are clearly more advanced than others, in the world. The surrounding chakras will have to empower themselves to heal the ill neighboring chakras and in Earth’s scope of life, she does this by the enhancing the people born in those areas. Understanding chakras now, a Kundalini is a coiling of pranic energy that runs from the root to the crown chakras and marks a state of unity with you and the universe around us. The Kundalini point of the Earth’s Chakra system has been in the Tibetan Mountains and India. This furhter explains the spiritual gifts of these environemnts for the past about 13,000 years. It is now shifting to parts in Chile and Peru. That leads to the purpose of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children born in the Americas and Super Psychics of China, but that’s it’s own topic for another time.

I say all this to prove that no matter what you do in life, it will all connect to the greater good of humanity in the long run. As artists we are creators of light to life/lives that maybe never been seen before. We give listeners and audiences the power to leave their reality and connect with us in some of the most emotional ways, and thats giving them intimate access into our reality. As artist, we can manifest the change we want to see in the world by having that be the driving force in our creativity. It became the driving force in my own work and I hope you as well. We are all connected to the source energy that we call God. This thing we call music is a mere glimpse of that greater spiritual energy that we all came from. Never be afraid to sing, play, create, or dance. We’re all living to be as free as flowers dancing to the tune of a midsummer’s breeze.

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