Crossroads and taking that L

There is a difference between knowing your purpose and walking in it — Unknown Author

July 11 2017

It’s 1:17 pm on the East side of Louisville enjoying my $4.72 small caramel hot mocha, while looking outside of the glass windows peering into the busy streets wondering (more like contemplating) on life like any normal human being. Trying to figure out how to make life as simple as possible while living in world that won’t let you be great. But as I have experienced life some I have an understanding that life is truly all about give or take … and give or take some more. It is what we thrive on as human beings whether it is for the good, bad and/or the ugly. We all have these ideals that we act upon that defines our genetic make up of who we are.

So as I am writing this book and try to figure out what this book can offer to the people, I am finding out even more that people have went through the same services that Volunteers of America Mid-States has had to offer for them. So why not tell their stories as well? Every year for the past ten years Volunteers of America has let one individual who has been through their services speak at the Volunteers of America Mid-States Breakfast banquet. So I thought why not have them included and share their story to let the audience know that lives are being impacted and that Volunteers of America is Mid-States is a one of a kind program.

So this was my crossroad in writing this book. I told myself that this book is worth more than what I am writing this as previously. There is a bigger story within the story that I am writing about myself. I have an understanding that it is not about me but about others. As cliche as that sounds it is true.

What does taking an L mean? It is basically just a slang term for “taking a loss.” I have been inspired by a bible study devotion that Mercy (best friend) and I called Battles and Frontlines Devotion by Rita Springer. It is a bible plan that has to deal with being spiritually sound to who God is, who you are as a child of God and what are the tools you can use to withstand and stand against the enemy. It is a plan that challenges our thinking of why we should let the Lord fight our battles and count it all joy that we are fighting day to day just to hear two words. WELL DONE. The very essence of what we go through is to “Take that L” for HIS name sake! Yes we may fighting against poverty, homo-sexuality, violence, low self-esteem or whatever is bringing you down but God says, “COUNT IT ALL JOY…” Yes we may need to go to school for an extra year, work an extra job, sacrifice more time to volunteer, etc. But God says, “COUNT IT ALL JOY . . .” Claim the life that you have because the best is yet to come.

I told Mercy who I have known since my senior year in highschool that I was homeless. But she didn’t know because she told me that I was that guy that guys wanted to model after. That I was Stubbs (This is what I would be called as a cool way to address me as). Even through my rough years as a senior when I was homeless I made a 3.0 GPA, Homecoming King, and Mr. Waggener (Along with my basketball teammate Walter Fredrick). I didn’t look like what I been through, I was more than what my circumstances has put me through. I believe the people that has successfully came out of Volunteers of America Mid-States program and talked about their testimonies in the Breakfast banquet are the ones that didn’t take a no as an answer but said YES to their circumstances and conquered their barriers in their lives. Mercy and I both agreed that we have to “Claim that life!” Meaning play with the cards that you are dealt with and use them to the best of your ability.