Great isn’t Enough “Bron”

Let’s just start by saying I’m not a Lebron fan on the court. I enjoy his incredible athleticism , passing ability , and the speed he can play with at his size . What separates Lebron from Kobe, MJ, and Magic , is that he’s not a leader. He has never been coached by a “iconic” figure like a Phil Jackson , Pat Riley, or Greg Popovich,who mentally prepared and challenged players . Make no mistake his physical greatness on the court is in the Top 5 discussion but mentally he has a 6th man mentality. The guy who wants to do his job and not get any of the blame. He came into the league as the next “GOAT” and his play has flirted with that label up until you look at his finals all time record of 2 championships and 4 losses. Going to 6 finals is an accomplishment in itself and winning back to back titles as well. Also averaging close to 36 points per game,13 rebounds and almost 9 assist , and also playing 275 minutes out of 288 is just unheard of. He is without a doubt the best player in the world, but with great play and power comes results. After Game 5 when he stated he is the greatest player in the world and thats why they could come back facing elimination , it was open season and the line waiting for his fall was longer than than the 1000 giraffe necks. Being that he was previously looked as the villian after he left Cleveland the first time, “haters” were licking salivating over his eventual loss to the Warriors. Everything about Lebron is “epic” like the “the Decision” . His fake but maybe hearfelt ‘ I already knew I was going back to Cleveland love letter definitely won some fans respect especially me , I mean going from South Beach to Cleveland , is like eating filet mignon but preferring canned Ham. I am 100 percent certain going back was a business decision but more than anything I’m not mad at him considering you have Kyrie on your team and eventually ordering management to snatch away Kevin Love for Wiggins. Lebron reminds me of MaCauley Culkin , the famous kid star who divorced his parents. He got his way but his career faltered . He can leave Cleveland if he wanted too and some how his greatness at bailing will be justified .Lebron has entirely too much star power . Its not all his fault because to be fair athletes today have a million times more exposure and than the 90s players . I have tremendous props for him being in control of his own fate with his contract situation and NBA lifestyle. Everything is on his terms. Jordan didnt even have that even though he was the greatest of all time. Bulls ownership basically forced him to retire although he probably had 2 years of high level greatness left in him . Lebron play and semi villainous image is the perfect cocktail for sport fans. You either hate him and can’t wait tio see him fail or can’t wait to make excuses for him. Everything is a business decision and coincides with great story telling. Great leaders of men delegate power and responsibilities and have complete faith in the troops around him. Lebron undermines authority such as head coach David Blatt. Input in the huddle is important because ultimately players know and feel whats going on the court but faith in one another is what propels men to give their best efforts and focus . Every move is calculating and nothing seems authentic. Lebron is the greatest story to ever grace the courts. High School Phenom turned into NBA superstar plays in hometown , then leaves and everyone hates him , to the King returns home to be the savior of the city he abandoned. He’s only missing the Hollywood ending were you ride off into the Cleveland Sunset . Its okay to be in control of your fate especially when its comes to livelihood but the every losing situation hes turned into a winning situation still doesn’t seem great enough for him . His play talks but to be considered a all time great all around player , leadership skills are just as important as your basketball fundemenatals. His play has led by example but his fire and desire dont inspire others to want it more.