Foursquare vs Yelp

Last week during lunch in New York, my mentor and I were walking to one of her favorite ramen places and discussing some of our favorite foods. I talked about some of my favorite Thai dishes , sushi rolls , and the best burger I had back home in Dallas. Then she asked “have you heard of FourSquare?” . I was taken back a little bit because this was an app I used back in 2012 and got rid of to start using Yelp. I responded “yes I do know about it but no one uses that anymore”. She goes on to tell me why Four Square is better and how it has better information on determining where to go to get coffee, lunch, printing help, dinner, drinks, etc., often happens at the last minute. I am still going back and forth between using Foursquare and Yelp


So I did some research to find out what are some of the comparisons between the two.



  • 45 million users
  • One of the largest databases of user generated geolocation in the world
  • Encourages users to leave “tips” or single phrase/sentence reviews
  • Strong mobile web and app experience
  • For businesses that have younger, more social customers, Foursquare is an easy choice.


  • Fighting off perception of “geek” tool based on its original focus on badges, mayorships and gamification
  • Does not come up regularly in organic search
  • Lack of long form, well thought out review content



  • Over 53 million reviews
  • 120 million monthly unique visitors
  • Appears on first page search results for any searches — general or specific
  • Employs a time tested approach (reviews) from patrons who are passionate enough to take the time to write a paragraph or two about the business


  • Has been accused of pressuring businesses into using their service or risk being black balled
  • Relies on long form reviews, which limits the number of users that are willing to submit

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Which app are you using more for your foodie needs ?