I took a hiatus from Facebook as I am known to do every few months. I am prone to wasting hours mindlessly scrolling through Facebook searching for something to validate my existence as a human. My Facebook sessions are a lot of things, but rarely are they productive. It takes me a long time to realize that my scrolling isn’t adding any value to my life. Usually I realize this far too late, after becoming frustrated at some ignorant post or unhappy after comparing my daily grind to the Life Portfolios of others.

I found that giving up Facebook did not make me more productive, but it certainly made me happier. I got to focus only on the relationships that mattered most to me. The only lives I had to keep track of were the ones I sought out. I strengthened my relationships with the people that mattered most to me and got to know myself a bit better.

Unfortunately due to the nature of my work I had to reactivate my Facebook account. Usually after my social media breaks, I am excited to reconnect with the world. Not this time. Instead I was immediately filled with dread at the thought of engaging once more with the online pissing contest. Instead I was immediately overcome by a burgeoning wave of loneliness.

Facebook is a shallow experience and is great for getting quick fixes of affirmation. It never satisfies. I’m never satisfied.

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