Part 5 — Perfectly Lonely

A quiet college night
Alone in your dorm
Reeling from loneliness
Fighting the demons

Your twin bed feels bigger
Now that someone else has been in it
With you

It’s Friday
You should be out
Everyone is out
Why aren’t you out?

She’s out, isn’t she?
Why wouldn’t she be?

You should text her
She could come over
You could cuddle again
Minus the touching
And the kissing
But cuddling
Is okay

If it turned 
Into kissing
Or touching
So be it

You text her
She’s out
Why wouldn’t she be?
Why aren’t you out
With her?

She’ll be back soon
She texts you
She’s back

She doesn’t want to come over
She doesn’t want to corrupt you
You’re a nice Christian boy

You tell her you’ll meet her
On the roof
Of the garage
Nice and open

You just want to see her
You just want to not feel

On the roof
Of the garage
Nice and open
She approaches
She’s in a cocktail dress
She has cocktail breath

My darling
My sweet
You look beautiful tonight

You smile at her

She’s silent
She’s frowning
She’s staring at the concrete

The wind nips your face
Her dress wraps
Around her wobbly knees

Look at me
You say
What’s wrong?
You whisper
You pull her close

She looks at you

I don’t want to corrupt you
She says
You’re a nice Christian boy
She whispers

You can’t corrupt me
You say
And I’ve been doubting lately
You whisper

You pull her closer
You kiss her
She kisses back

I just want to cuddle
No more touching
No more kissing
Just cuddling

She goes to her room
And brings you with her

The Kim Chronicles is a series that examines the true story of the rape of a male college student. It is the author’s intention that these writings shed light on the realities of sexual assault, not just the tragedies of the events themselves but the social issues and trauma that surround them.

A new entry will be released every day in April 2017 in observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please click the heart button to spread the word.