Marcus Hiles of Texas — Decanting Old Red Wines

Prominent real estate developer and wine expert Marcus Hiles Texas, is renowned for his personally crafted wine cellar featuring a running stream that helps to keep the cellar at a perfect temperature. Wine collectors, especially those that specialize in older vintages, need to carefully and correctly store those wines so that they can eventually be opened and enjoyed to the fullest extent.

Old red wines that have been preserved properly should be opened following specific steps. The bottle should not be opened until the wine is completely clear, with sediment settled at the bottom of the bottle. Wine clarity can be checked with a small, high-intensity flashlight. Collectors should not be hasty to open an old bottle; sediment may still be evident in the lower third and the bottle should be allowed to sit for as long as necessary until it has fully settled.

Many experienced wine connoisseurs, like Marcus Hiles of Texas, recommend decanting older red wines. Decanting involves holding a light under the shoulder or neck of the wine bottle, watching the wine flow to the neck, and stopping when sediment appears. Old wine bottles should be allowed to stand upright for several days before decanting. When opening the bottle, it can be kept horizontal, and poured from that position, or it can be slowly rotated from horizontal to vertical to disturb the least amount of sediment. Should the cork crumble or if there is excess sediment in the wine, collectors can pour the wine through muslin, unbleached cheesecloth, or a funnel with sieve.


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