Marcus Hiles Texas — Beginning a Bordeaux Wine Collection

Avid and experienced wine collectors like Marcus Hiles of Texas, can provide a blueprint for those who are considering starting a collection or those new to collecting wine in general. One of the most popular wines for beginning collectors is French Bordeaux wine, however, Hiles and other wine experts advise new collectors to become educated consumers instead of blindly spending money on as much wine as possible.

To become an educated wine consumer, a novice collector should taste as many wines as possible in order to refine the palette. Each collector needs to find the type of wine that he likes and then focus on collecting the verities of that wine. For those interested in collecting Bordeaux, a first step to consider is what type and age of Bordeaux to purchase. Older collectors generally buy wines that are mature or close to maturing, so they have the time to drink and enjoy them. Younger collectors who have more time on their side should purchase wines on release or as futures and patiently wait for those wines to mature.

Marcus Hiles Texas, and other prominent Bordeaux wine collectors choose the bulk of their collection based on taste and aroma. Some collectors may prefer Bordeaux that is spicy and earthy with hints of tobacco; others may like fresh fruit and licorice flavors. The type and amount of wine that a new collector purchases has much to do with how much money the collector can spend on this hobby. Even collectors with limited disposable income can begin a modest collection at reasonable prices.

Marcus Hiles Texas