Marcus Hiles — Socializing With Wine

Marcus Hiles Wine is in possession of a wine collection that would be the envy of most people who enjoy the grape. He has been able to accumulate a significant store of wealth during his professional career as a high-end apartment and townhome community developer. This has given him the ability to purchase a great deal of wine that has considerable value. To gain an understanding of the size and scope of his collection, you can reference a news story that was circulating back in 2010. At that time, he decided to put about one-fifth of his collection up for auction. He worked with Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, and the offering consisted of about 6500 bottles of wine. At that time, the estimated value of this small portion of his collection was between $3 million to nearly $5 million.

When you are into fine wine like Marcus Hiles, you experience many different benefits. As you can see from the auction, you are making an investment when you collect wine, and this is one positive. Plus, you may enjoy a host of health benefits if you consume a moderate amount of wine on a consistent basis. A wine lover will also be able to stay occupied doing research to learn more about the winemaking process, and many wine aficionados go on “wine vacations” to visit famous vineyards and wineries.

Wine can also facilitate a positive, free-flowing social dynamic. Social functions can be somewhat stuffy and uncomfortable when many attendees do not know one another. Affluent people like Marcus Hiles sometimes experience this turbulence, and fine wine can lighten the mood, make people more comfortable, and uplift the collective spirit of the attendees.