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Marcus Hiles — Wine Enthusiast and Rice University Graduate

August 25, 2016

Marcus Hiles had to earn his huge wine collection that he enjoys now in his home in the Dallas area. Hiles built a real estate development company called Western Rim Properties in Texas that has grown prodigiously and created hundreds of luxury homes all with state-of-the-art technology of modern life throughout the state of Texas. Hiles earned his Bachelor’s degree at Rice University, which started him on his journey to become the successful businessman and generous philanthropist he is today in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Rice University has many undergraduate degrees available for students who are willing to become leaders and rise to the occasions of their fields. Rice is also a leading research university dedicated to the advancement of many fields in the academic realm, but it’s commitment to its undergraduate students cannot be forgotten. As Marcus Hiles learned before he founded Western Rim and started his prized wine collection, Rice has the resources to make the education experience for undergraduate students a useful and memorable one that they will draw upon for the rest of their lives. Rice is in the heart of Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States and uses its placement to help teach students the many lessons that such an eclectic blend of people that Houston offers.

Marcus Hiles was proud to be a Rice Owl long before he started building his wine collection in Texas and he continues to learn from his experiences there even now. Hiles also challenges himself to expand his daily, continuing education and learn new facts and skills throughout his life.

Marcus Hiles — Wine and Daily Education

August 19, 2016

Just because Marcus Hiles holds degrees from Pepperdine and Rice Universities and now enjoys a glass of fine wine with his dinner now and then doesn’t mean he can’t continue to learn new things all the time. Hiles was a good scholar in his younger days in part because he understood even then that true education never really stops. Hiles is always challenging himself to learn more about the world around him and continue to develop his skills in many different areas. He believes that everyone can always learn new skills and continue developing throughout their lives.

Marcus Hiles built his company and later his wine collection on the principle that everyone can continue to learn and grow throughout their lives. Western Rim Properties, Hiles’ company, is known for its high retention rate for all of its employees because of the developmental programs that Hiles provides for his workers and his constant promotion from within. This has built a company culture of trust and loyalty that has withstood the test of time to this day. A large part of this culture stems from continuing education for all of his employees and himself in all of the may arts of real estate development.

Marcus Hiles Wine is constantly learning new things about wine and real estate as he progresses with his continuing education every day. For people like Hiles, education is not a destination, it is a journey that spans a lifetime. Hiles made sure to set up his company to constantly develop and educate employees.

Marcus Hiles — Traveling the World in Search of Wine

August 9, 2016

Marcus Hiles became a wine enthusiast soon after his real estate development company, Western Rim Properties, began to take off in the Dallas area many years ago. Since then, he has traveled the world in search of the next bottle of fine wine for his cellars. Over his years of searching for the best wines he can find, he has learned many things about traveling to new and different parts of the world, including these three tips:

Back up all digital files. Photos and other digital files have a way of getting damaged or stolen sometimes while traveling the world. Make sure you backup your pictures of all the places you’ve gone in the cloud or an external hard drive.

Splurge sometimes. Marcus Hiles traveled on a budget before he made his fortune in real estate and started looking for fine wine. A shoestring budget allows you to travel for longer and allows you to experience more of the world, but sometimes it can wear on you. Don’t be afraid to splurge when you can to experience more of a foreign place.

Keep an open mind. Perhaps the most important piece of advice to a world traveler is to avoid judgment of other people and cultures. Remember that you are a visitor and you don’t know enough about the people around you to judge their ways.

Marcus Hiles has been to many places in search of fine wine and adventure. He’s planning his next trip when he isn’t planning new real estate developments.

Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector — Qualities That An Entrepreneur Must Possess

July 25, 2016

In addition to being a renowned wine collector who has received recognition for his taste from no less an authority than Serena Sutcliffe, who is the Worldwide Head of Sotheby’s Wine Department, Marcus Hiles Wine is also an entrepreneur who has led Western Rim Property Services to success. In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, you must possess all of the following key qualities.

 While entrepreneurs must be capable of thinking critically so that they can identify flaws in their ideas and business plans, they must also have the determination required to see those plans through if they believe they have struck upon a good idea. A lack of determination may lead to you giving up when things get a little tough, so you must be prepared to weather storms to achieve success.

A Thirst For Knowledge
 The best entrepreneurs recognize that their work is never done and they will exhibit a strong craving for new knowledge that will allow them to improve their businesses and explore new opportunities. You need to constantly evolve in order to be successful in business, which means taking advantage of any chance to learn more that comes your way.

 Wine collector Marcus Hiles has achieved success in his work because he is passionate about real estate and creating communities where people can feel safe and happy. It will be clear to potential investors and business partners if you don’t have passion for your work, plus you will often find it difficult to motivate yourself and employees as well.

Marcus Hiles — Tips For Food And Wine Pairing

July 18, 2016

Marcus Hiles is the CEO and Chairman of Western Rim Property Services, which develops luxury real estate in Dallas, Fort Worth and other areas of Texas. He is also a collector of vintage wines and he has become something of an expert on the subject over the years. To get the most out of your wine, you need to pair it with foods that complement its flavor. These tips will help you to choose the right food and wine pairings.

Focus on Wine Characteristics

You need to be able to understand the characteristics of the wine that you want to accentuate before you pair it with a food. As such, pairing wines that have cherry notes with cherries may not always be the best choice, as the subtle notes will often be overpowered by the food itself. Try to consider how you should contrast the notes you want to be able to taste most when selecting food.

Be Wary of Bitterness

Taste buds are very sensitive to bitter food and drinks, so too much bitterness can lead to the rest of the flavors in your food and wine being overpowered. As such, it is important that you identify whether or not your wine has a bitter taste to it. If so, try to avoid pairing it with foods that are also bitter so that you can enjoy a wider variety of flavors.

Go Sweet

Marcus Hiles is an experienced wine collector who maintains a large collection. He notes that a good general rule for pairing is to select a wine that is a little sweeter than the food you’re eating.

Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector — Tips For New Real Estate Developers

July 11, 2016

In addition to being a noted wine collector, Marcus Hiles is also the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, which is a real estate development company focused primarily on the Dallas and Fort Worth regions. Property development offers an array of challenges that novices may not be prepared for, so try to keep the following tips in mind before you enter the industry.

Treat It Like A Business

Many new investors and developers make the mistake of treating their new role like a hobby, which results in them failing to create strong and defined plans for what they hope to achieve through their work. Treat real estate development like a business by creating plans that detail your goals and the route that you will follow to achieve them.

Do Your Research

One of the keys to successful real estate development is identifying when there is demand for something and then working to meet that demand. As such, you need to do your research to ensure your work does not go to waste. Pay attention to the demands of the local community to avoid making mistakes, such as building luxury properties in an area where they are not required.

Learn Constantly

Wine connoisseur Marcus Hiles Wine has dedicated much of his professional life to continued education and he recognizes that there is always something new to learn in real estate development. Take advantage of any opportunity that you have to speak to more experienced professionals and recognize the importance of learning about the property market on both the local and national levels.

Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector — The Importance of Community Spirit

July 5, 2016

Marcus Hiles is a wine collector, entrepreneur and real estate developer who promotes the idea of togetherness and community spirit in every project that he works on. It is important that the individuals within communities share close bonds, as this allows them to come together to help themselves and others when needed. The following are all reasons why you should work to improve togetherness in your local community.

Raising Awareness

If everybody in the community is concerned about the quality of life that those in the local area are enjoying, it is more likely that issues affecting that quality of life will be raised. If people look out for each other, they will be more willing and able to help those who are experiencing troubling times.

Lower Crime Rates

Communities that come together and share pride in their homes often find that they have far less crime to deal with than those that don’t. People who are proud of where they live tend not to want to do anything to ruin it, plus they will be more likely to alert authorities or making conscious efforts to stop crime when it does occur. This results in the creation of a safer community that more people can enjoy living in.

Property Prices

As a real estate investor, Marcus Hiles, who is also a wine collector, understands the importance of property values to many people. Strong communities tend to enjoy higher house prices because they come together to work on common issues, improving the quality of life for residents and tackling issues that may affect property prices.

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