This whole idea of the “white working class” is nonsense, which was created by lazy media pundits.
David Kinnear

Bernie Sanders explicitly uses “white working class” and has done so for years. So take it up with him first off. Second off the Democratic Party has been fighting for poor people. Isn’t it funny how all the poor minorities seem to get it and vote Democratic but the poor white people don’t? Maybe you should think about that some.

The party doesn’t “pander” to different racial groups and the insinuation that we do so is offensive and wrong. The party has fought for Civil Rights and Voting Rights and if they stop, minorities don’t have to turn out and vote. Seeing that we are one third of the party that would probably be a major problem for you. Turnout this year was comprable to 2012, the idea that everyone stayed home is pretty bogus. Clinton won by over 2.5 million votes-millions of people preferred her vison. Razor thin margins-80k in 3 midwest states flipped it. Not worth changing entire party over.

Also Bernie endorsed and fundraised for Feingold, which he didn’t do for anyone who didn’t endorse him and his platform. He lost to a regular big business Republican. You also neglect to mention Prop 61 losing in CA, and universal health losing by an incredible 60% margin in blue Colorado.

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