Marcus, why would it have been more appropriate to hide his involvement in the civil rights…
Brendon Carpenter

I do not think that his campaign highlighting his arrest in the 1960s helped him with Black voters at all, I’d probably say that it actually hurt him. His Civil Rights involvement has been grossly over exaggerated to the point where his supporters are comparing him to John Lewis and Martin Luther King. If Bernie Sanders was truly that caliber of Civil Rights hero, Black voters would have heard of him prior to 2016. It was, and still is, frankly kind of insulting to Black voters that a photo of an arrest was supposed to sway them to Bernie Sanders. I don’t mean to be a dick, but I can walk into any Black community in America and find someone over the age of 40 who did more for Civil Rights than he did. The arrest and protest was great. Great for him, he fought for a good cause. But to blow up his single arrest and try to make it seem like he was a leader of the movement, or that his activism was on par with King or Lewis is absurd, and I think a lot of Black voters see that.

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