“They believe that identity politics (defined as appealing to minority, gender, etc interests) is…

  1. I know what identity politics means, thanks
  2. The New Deal shut out minorities for decades, with many local leaders banning Black people from unions. This led to white people gaining wealth and passing it to the next generation while Black people were shut out from these gains. “Race neutral” policies favor white people, because we live in a country with a legacy of racism. Don’t be naive, Black people can be shut out of “universal” programs again.
  3. I absolutely want more Black people, women, etc in elite business circles, in US Congress, in State Legislatures, etc, and I’m not going to be sorry for that at all. We’ve suffered through discrimination and been shut out for generations, I’m not going to let white leftists say that Black people shouldn’t be represented because of identity politics. That’s stupid.
  4. Trump and Sanders DID engage in identity politics, just White identity politics. Apparently if you are white its okay.
  5. The road to the Democratic nomination still goes through the Black south. Without our support, you cannot become the nominee. We like identity politics and candidates who fight for Civil Rights. Not sorry :)
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