You make some good points, though it’s a little more complex.

  1. Just because a white person voted for Obama once doesn’t mean they can’t be racist or affected by racial resentment. White people that like Black people on their sports teams can be racist. White people can have sex with Black people and be racist. White people can certainly vote for a Black person and be racist. Obama didn’t explicitly talk about systemic racism and white privilege, Clinton did. Obama actually distanced himself from the Black church and he told Black men to “pull up their pants,” in 2008, two things that probably helped him some with working class whites who felt he wouldn’t be explicitly for “black interests.” In 2012, Obama lost white voters by 20+ points too. It wasn’t close.

2. I disagree big time here on the economy stuff. Exit polls by CNN found that for MI/PA/WI/OH, Clinton won voters whose biggest issue was the economy! She lost big time voters whose biggest issue was immigration or terrorism. People upset about Latinos and Muslims.

3. Democrats DO support labor and unions and social programs and always have. Republicans have supported big business and white working class votes GOP, Black and Latino working class votes Democrat. Why do working class minorities understand Dems are fighting for the poor and white people don’t? 🤔🤔🤔

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