Calling a person or argument “bigoted,” racist, etc.,
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The far left is looking and sounding more and more like the far right day by day. And you can’t win nationally, for many of the same reasons. I said your points were bigoted, and your responses keep proving my suspicions right. Your continual praise for Trump is also a giveaway — if you vote for Trump when you can’t get Bernie, then you were never a “progressive” anyway. Let’s dive into your bigoted points part II:

  1. Calling someone bigoted is probably because they are saying something that’s bigoted. It is conservatives who say that racism and bigotry doesn’t exist…you are fitting into that category pretty soundly.
  2. Martin Luther King didn’t say we should ignore race. You are bastardizing and corrupting the man’s legacy to fit your conservative agenda. He explicitly wanted equal rights for Black people, who were discriminated against because of their skin color.
  3. You want Black people to “blend in” to American society and to forget their identity as Black Americans. We can’t do that in a society that constantly discriminates based on skin color. Get rid of racism and antiblackness and maybe then we can “blend in.”
  4. You are upset with African American studies departments for existing? You’re definitely voting for Trump. The country was built on discriminating against Black people — of course people are going to talk about it. And guess what, we’ll keep talking about racism whether you like it or not. Get used to it.
  5. Working class whites are a rapidly shrinking demographic, again, those are the facts. By the late 2040s, to the early 2050s, whites will be a minority of Americans. Democrats haven’t won working class whites, or whites in general, since they fled the Democratic Party after the Civil Rights Bill (for obvious reasons) and focusing on them will lead to more losses such as Bernie Sanders’. Democrats focusing on working class whites and ignoring diversity would be like Republicans ignoring working class whites and focusing only on Black voters. Doesn’t make any sense electorally or ideologically.
  6. Yes, working class whites left the Democratic Party and handed Republicans a series of electoral wins for decades because of racism. I guess it is hard for you to fully comprehend or take in, but yeah, alot of white people in the United States have problems with race and that’s why things are the way they are now. Too many Americans would rather be poor than equal with minorities. That’s why you can’t have your economic populist uprising, because most of the country doesn’t want minorities to participate.
  7. More praise for Trump as I get further down your post…again, if you vote for Trump, you were never a progressive anyway, and my suspicions about your feelings on race were correct.
  8. If whites “constantly feel under attack” from people telling the truth about race, imagine how minorities who are actually under attack from racism, police brutality, etc feel everyday. There’s a good saying: “When privileged people have to deal with equality, it feels like oppression.” You are describing a people who have been pampered and catered to for so long, that just equality with other groups who have been marginalized feels like oppression.
  9. Working class whites were much of the opposition to the Civil Rights Act, and LBJ had to wrangle a lot of people to get votes. Working class whites didn’t like it, obviously they were so disgusted afterward that they left the Party altogether.
  10. Black people do have to form alliances, but we won’t be blackmailed into forming them with bigots like you. Sorry, that is how it is, the truth hurts.
  11. You won’t get the economic populism you want if you have a racist society. Black voters won’t join a coalition with outright racists and bigots, and working class whites will reject extending social programs to minorities (indeed, in this country, the states with the most social programs have the smallest % of black people). So the onus is on you to change your views on race, not on Black voters to change anything.
  12. It is hilarious and telling of your political leanings that you think Black people are bigoted against whites, and that is the cause of our political problems. What a joke. I won’t even bother responding to that garbage.
  13. If you won’t believe that the War on Drugs was an explicit move to hurt Black people, then you won’t believe anything, because you are stuck in your narrow worldview. The words come from Nixon’s own administration. Nixon’s administration, who actually implemented the policy, tells the truth, and you don’t believe them because it doesn’t fit your worldview that it was actually the minorities’ fault. Go figure.
  14. LOL at me being “obsessed” with race. As said previously, Black people have to be aware of race, because we live in a society built on systemic racism.
  15. It was enjoyable rebuking all of your points, and proving that you were exactly what I thought you were politically. I’m sure you will be casting your ballot for Trump proudly this fall. Go ahead, you’ll lose that race too.
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