The turn from the reality of class to the sociological fiction of race is one of the most…
Traditional Tradesman

This couldn’t be more wrong. Your line of thinking is why the far left can’t attract Black support and can’t win nationally. Let’s dive into your misguided and kind of bigoted argument:

  1. Black people never “turned” from class to race. That choice was made for them by slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, redlining, police brutality, etc. We focus on race because don’t have a choice to ignore it. We don’t have the privilege.

2. Working class whites are a rapidly shrinking demographic, and one Democrats haven’t won since they fled the party after the Civil Rights Act. Focus on them, and like Sanders, you will lose.

3. If talking about racism alienates working class whites, so be it. It isn’t about hurt feelings. Black people are dying from racism right now, in the “civilized” world.

4. We can achieve lots of things without working class white support — ie the Civil Rights Act.

5. You want poor Black people to be in a coalition with poor whites while ignoring that poor whites often terrorized poor Blacks throughout American history.

6. The War on Drugs was clearly an attempt to hurt Black Americans, and Republicans rode those attacks on Blacks to electoral success. Nixon’s own aides admitted what Blacks have known for decades.

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