distorted lonely tour of hazy woods at 9:56

glitched-out stars peer through
the malfunctioning sunset
seen first by defective trees
who’ve maximized their storage space
and whose databases are
downgrading and
whose roots are
wired in faulty signals
from a childless motherboard.

i steal a leaf from one’s framework
zipping it in my pocket and blocking my vision
for much longer than a nanosecond,
strolling out into the open
near a sign tabbed “no crossing”
where the beep-beep of a flashing drive
forces panic software installation
as my controlled leap backwards
shifts me into incognito,
avoiding shutdown.
the brittle graphics of the grass
caress my casing
so i can lock myself
in sleep mode
with the canary nested above me.

i gaze up higher to see
has shut off the power
disabling the horizon
and programming high-definition darkness
so all the birds and their
won’t interface until the wings have downloaded more
airtime, specifically
a terra-byte or two,
and have re-activated airplane mode,
protected by a large deadly firewall, only seen
after the circle keeps spinning,

but lagging…

perhaps my monitor is just hazy
and my power supply is draining
somehow, i prompt myself onward.

my feet hurt as i file deeper into this wild web
worldly in its subtleties but
burning in its core.
my eyes have contracted a virus called
because i have yet to update myself
or the millions of untaught undocumented particles
each silently managing its own task
naturally, but
soon to be tossed in the
recycle bin
with the leaf that’s
already been hacked in half,
once binary like me
but suffering from mono,
a tiring series of 0’s

my spirit crashes
losing a
that was never properly secured
i don’t have to see this place again.