An Athlete’s Journey

Hi I'm Marcus! I am a hyper competitive Rock Climber, and also a student. Ok Hyper competitive is subjective, but i guess compared to the average Singaporean, yes, hyper competitive is probably the best possible way to describe myself. Juggling studying and training have not exactly been the easiest.

And I just had to add blogging on top of it all to make life even easier LOL.

Why I am writing this

The main reason why I am doing this is because i am just psyched as shit after training with the guys and my mind would just be all over the place after training; How to improve on today’s training, what the next training regime is going to be (i am here to pen it all down and you have no choice but to listen to it all muahaha). Some nights i just have so much thoughts and adrenaline coursing through my body that the sleep gets so bad. Which is partly the reason why i am not a morning person. And the other part being: come on man, who even wakes up in the morning.

There is just so, so much that Rock Climbing, or any other sport for that matter, has to teach us all, but these lessons only unveil themselves to those who are observant and patient enough to be taught to.

Weight and Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is an extremely weight based sport, the strength to weight ratio is everything in this sport. The scrawny guy from computer club might stand an equal chance against a big buff dude from dragon boat/gym for the very fact that more muscle in the wrong places = more weight to carry= more effort. Being Strong and light is imperative for success in this sport.

Through out my Journey in Rock Climbing my weight has fluctuated within a +- 15kg band and i am glad to say that i am now, and have been for the longest time, at the lower end of the band. Many people are intrigued on how i lose weight quickly so i will definitely be writing more on this in the future. Which is now. The secret is Anoerexia. Ok just kidding…. or am i.

To infinity and beyond

I love competitions. They are the epitome of psyche. Imagine an event where everybody is just cheering like crazy to see the problems done, regardless of who the competitor is. If there is one word to describe competitions, it is unison.

2016 has been a pretty good year for me so far. Went to hong kong, had the best char siew fan ever, brought a trophy home. Insert cool shades. Recently, i have also been sponsored by #climbasia, and they have truly been very supportive of my endeavors thus far. (I went down to Climb Asia earlier this afternoon to collect a pair of Pink La Sportiva Solutions, more on why these are the best pair of shoes for people with feet similar to mine)

I will also be heading down to Japan in march this year with my butt kicking buddy Dennis for the North Face Cup where we will mettle our strengths against Japanese climbers and also all time superstars Adam Ondra and Chon JongWon. I also have plans to go for this year’s climbing world cup in Europe and China. Just typing this out gets me all fired up!

Dennis kicking major butt

To sum it all up

This blog is for the people who are interested in

  1. losing weight
  2. gaining weight (yes, i am an expert in this area too)
  3. Self improvement and gettin yo head into da game
  4. Improvising (Being desperate for time makes you good with this)
  5. Climbing till your finger tips bleed
  6. reading shit :D

See you guys real soon!

Thanks jud!