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CHEMISTRY — The new performance

I’ve spent the last couple of years of my life living and working in the universe of The Passing Trilogy. The work on those three performances pretty much changed my life and although I’m still working on something that I hope will be a book about The Passing, the Trilogy of performances was completed with the finishing of FLEX. I’ll still be performing them but the story of Tyler, The Coalition and Johnston is complete.

It’s time to move on.

There are many stories that I want to tell, and I’m working on two new series. Much of my writing has been dark, and has been described as TED meeting Black Mirror and having a baby, and although I won’t be leaving the shadows altogether, I will also be exploring more hopeful themes in a series which has a working title of “Antidotal Stories”. The first performance in this series, CONTROL, will premiere at D:PULSE in Zurich this coming August. …


Marcus John Henry Brown

Performance Artist. Creative Mentor. Author, producer and performer of The Passing, The Sensorium Process and FLEX

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