Singapore Hypebeasts Or Social Climbers?

MEAN, the Dapper Rapper, defends Singapore’s fashion scene

This is Singapore on Highsnobiety, courtesy of fashion correspondents Gabe Tan and Christian Julian, via @whatsingaporewore:

Courtesy: Highsnobiety

Recurring features suggest the rulers of Singapore street style today are: rich kids, who buy luxury fashion; popular kids, who buy ezbuy knockoffs; arts school kids, who make outfits from scratch.

When did Singapore deserve a slideshow of street style glory on Highsnobiety, a reputable tastemaker platform? For answers, I chatted with MEAN, the Dapper Rapper, a familiar face in the scene.

Courtesy: Highsnobiety

Singapore’s fashion scene today…

It’s more distinct. Thanks to social media. Influenced by hype. We like new, to be first. Inspired by celebrities. Kanye West. Some wear things they would’ve never worn if not for seeing others wear them.

For inspiration: we’re always looking outside, instead of inside.

But we have amazing talent.

Singapore fashion is more social than creative.

That’s how I used to feel. I had to tone down, for people to not look at me weird. Now, I don’t care.

People think about others before themselves.

It’s upbringing. It’s unavoidable, but possible to overcome.

Is it possible to be a fashion fraud?

Yes. Buy hype things, be a Hypebeast. They’re in Singapore, everywhere.

There will always be a cleanse. Authenticity is longevity. They’ll be in it for the quick gain, and be gone. There’s social media pressure to act one way. But people like to investigate. They’ll call your bluff.

If fashion is your life, you won’t care about likes. Everything else won’t matter.

Singapore Hypebeasts/Social climbers.

For the longest time, I tried to avoid them. But I also want to be of a growing subculture. I don’t want to make kids feel they don’t belong. I recently started hanging out with the dressed-up kids at clubs you mentioned. I want to help.

We view them at face value. That’s a mistake. Some are really into it. I can tell them about brands to stick to, hype pieces to avoid, inspiration behind trends.

It’s fine to dress up just because clothes look nice.


Find what suits you. Wear what you like. Do your research. Buy whatever.

Should teenagers shop luxury?

I bought my first Raf Simons spring/summer 2008 t-shirt at 18.

If they want to.