The Concept

I’ve been attempting to grow as a photographer, there are always challenges and struggles to overcome. I’m in the process of conquering my awkward me-to-stranger interactions by incorporating more portraiture into my practices. But, an overwhelming struggle is the ability to tell a story within a photo.

On top of that, I’m interested in telling a story through a set of photographs. The idea is to bring someone along for the ride, even if it’s just a stroll around the room I’m typing this article in. I’ve been drawn to this personable, rustic, antique, timeless polaroid type of vibe lately and want to find a way to capture that through each image I take.

The Struggle

Does every photo need to tell the story? Is the entire set of images needed to portray the meaning, or should I delete 90% of them? Are there even rules to this thing called photography?

I’m starting to steer away from the technicalities of photography and instead; beginning to just enjoy clicking the shutter button. There are billions of people on the planet, you’re bound to find a good handful that will enjoy your work. Who cares if it’s in focus, bad composition, whatever. Grab the moment and smile.

On top of it all, if you appreciate and love the work you put out there, what’s the point of worrying about anything else?

It’s your story, tell it how you want… Speaking of stories, here’s a short story about a guy named Randy, who works a ton on a bunch of random and awesome projects. Just never ask him about his to-do-lists.

Welcome to my attempt to capture a moment(s). Do you feel like you’re in them? Did I succeed? Well… at least I took some photos, right??


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