Today I wrote a 5,000 words and published nothing.

I have a tendency to ‘write out loud’. (that’s a great book title, please don’t steal it, but if you already have then send me a copy, because I want to read it.)

I’m fairly new to this writing game. And by new, I mean I learned to write in 1st grade and I’m now 39 years old. So yeah, new.

Most of my writing I feel is garbage. It always sounds much better in my head than it does on the page. Even in this little corner of the internet where I’m a total unknown and simultaneously the king of all words.

I’ve had some people critique my writing lately and they each said something similar. “I really enjoy your voice. It’s very honest… but what’s the point of your article.” I’m sorry. I don’t know.

I’m basically fumbling my way around the page, hoping to get lucky.

Sometimes I do.

That’s the beauty of this method (if it can be called that). I don’t expect to write something well each time. OK, i’m lying, I do. But i figured out a way to write myself through all that. It’s totally new. I’m the first to ever think of it. I wish.

I’ve heard it be called “Freewriting”. Just put your fingers on those keys and start hacking away. Side note: Is that why the writing snobs call it ‘being a hack’?

Whatever the reason, I like it. More specifically I like how I feel after I’ve done a sprint or 5 of Freewriting. That’s important. I would even venture to argue it’s the most important.

Okay, what else can I write today…