To My Progressive Friends: Change the Subject

You’re losing the argument. A conversation about injustice and police brutality — with a public statement and a few tweets — -turned into one about tactics. It’s just not a fight you can win, so don’t have it.

If you want to have a national conversation, have one about healthcare. Talk about Medicaid and the doctors — even in states where it wasn’t expanded — that are turning patients away because of the paperwork and low reimbursement rates. Poor children shouldn’t have to go without doctors because this problem remains unsolved.

Talk about how the country needs to better prepare for natural disasters as a matter of national and economic security. Puerto Rico is the worst disaster to befall the united states in 25 years. The island is home to manufacturing plants for several major pharmaceutical companies. What happens when the reserves of the drugs these plants make are exhausted?

Talk about how business interests, in spite of an unconcerned congress and a hostile executive, are moving to raise the minimum wage.

While pundits (and presidents) stoke the fires of the culture wars, focus on getting your neighbors housed, paid and cared for.

Don’t play their game. You’re too smart for that.

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