Marcus Hammarberg
Dec 1, 2017 · 1 min read

Oh, this is great and summarizes my experience from, sadly, too many organisations.

I read that in most orgs when doing evaluations people rate the service that “we are providing to others” as great, but the service “we get from others” as poor… That’s like 80% of the male drivers saying they are above average drivers. It doesn’t add up.

There’s a lovely little phrase being thrown around (and lived after mostly) in Spotify that counters this thinking easily; Always assume positive intent.

Spotify is also one of the few organizations I’ve worked for where we speak highly of other squads and tribes:

  • oh, the X squad! They are great.
  • Go to the Y guys, they will help you.
  • Hey, organization! We need help for six weeks—who will step up (always resolves itself within a week)

It’s a work of art to watch in action. When it works, because of course it sometimes fails. And when it doesn’t it stands out like a sore thumb.

Thank you John! Great stuff on this blog! Keep’em coming

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