Marcus Hammarberg
Mar 25, 2019 · 1 min read

Wonderful — thanks for this short comment.

I also see confusion around autonomy with … ah, well anarchy or total randomness in decisions.

Two comments that spring to mind:

  1. “We can’t ask their help — we are supposed to be autonomous” (a team at a recent client). Well, autonomous is not isolated either. It just means that we govern ourselves.
  2. In this excellent video ( David Marquet summarizes the thought of autonomy in a nice way “If you think that people are running around doing whatever you have the wrong idea. They are acting as if the CEO is standing next to them. … And if they don’t make the decision you expected it’s actually a better decision! Because they are closer to the information”
    Sounds a bit harsh maybe but I interpret it as when we are sharing values and goals the autonomous teams (or individual people) will act as the CEO expected. Or better.

Great post — thanks a lot

Marcus Hammarberg

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Agile coach, Christian, .NET/NodeJs Developer, Euphonium player. Married to Elin and father to Albert, Gustav and Arvid. Author of @kanbanInAction

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