Global Accessibility Awareness Day today

Pretty much every cause has its own day to commemorate it. Today though, is one I like, namely Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Working with accessibility and a Web for everyone is a constant effort, not something you can expect to be done with.

You who have read my book Web Strategy for Everyone notes at the end of the web design section that I, a little unexpectedly, am lumping together usability and accessibility with game-based learning, so-called gamification. It is not a coincidence. In addition to the fact that each user’s abilities are highly individual in its mix its fundamental, for all users, to show that it’s worth the effort.

Accessibility is all about empathy

It can sometimes be difficult to find support for working with accessibility even though most people agree that it is important. My most common argument is that accessibility will benefit all of us — at some point.

“What will you send an Iphone 6S with its retina display locked in landscape mode when on a medium fast cellular connection and located outdoors at noon?”
- Web Strategy for Everyone

Anyone using their mobile phones out in bright sunlight will notice that they need a lot of contrast in order to have a chance to orient themselves on a website. All of us have motor impairments sometimes, you’ll notice it when on a touch screen when the finger you’re accustomed to have a patch, or whether using someone else’s computer where the mouse is not as you expect. Such as a gaming mouse with a “high sense”, then the mouse pointer moves far too fast for an inexperienced person.

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