Woop woop! Web Strategy for Everyone got released today

Web Strategy for Everyone works great on phones, tablets and e-ink devices such as Amazon Kindle.

Today is a great day, for me at least, for several reasons. Not only is it two years ago the Swedish original edition got released, but also that the English book is released today — Web Strategy for Everyone. The icing on the cake, May 17 is also the neighboring country, Norway’s, national day which makes this date quite easy to remember for me.

You can lay you hands on the e-book today, it is sent to you right away when you check out your order. The printed book, though, will take a few weeks before it is sent. The e-book’s formats are ePub and Mobi, they cover virtually all types of devices, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets. Mobi is specifically for you with an Amazon Kindle.

The best offer is, I think, to purchase both the e-book and the printed book. It costs about 25 $ + VAT. Then you get a 90% discount on the e-book.

Order the book at Intranätverk — from 10 $ + VAT ›

What is Web Strategy for Everyone covering?

It is 60,000 words and 80 pictures spread over 175 pages. The amount of images and the layout makes it not so burdensome to read, like many other similar books. At the same time it is written in a very ”condensed” manner and to the point, so it’s like most Swedish literature — rarely repeating itself over and over again. Or, as one reader put it:

”Recently read your book and it is an achievement how much value you have managed to put between the covers. Very good!”
 — Håkan Liljeqvist, founder at Kreejt

The subject of the book may seem obvious given the title, but at the same time there is no real definition for what is meant by ’web strategy’. So I chose to make the book to cover the fundamentals in many areas a web strategist must know about. Partly, the Web’s history, a lot on information architecture, different approaches to web design, some about the increasingly hyped topic of web performance and last a do-it-yourself with hygiene factors to check on your own website.

Not just a translation — changed cultural context

The book is not really just a translation of my Swedish book. The English book has more international image examples and it turned out to be unexpectedly many cultural references that non-Swedes would hardly understand. So pretty much of the book is rewritten for an international audience.

Interestingly, several Swedish friends and acquaintances are waiting to buy the English book, despite the fact that the second edition of the Swedish book have been out for several months. Many Swedes, myself included, are probably more used to read in English and may have more benefit of an English version when in a multilingual business environment.

Better English in the book compared to what I write when blogging

A first turn of the translation work was done by a Englishman who is very knowledgeable in web development and intranets. After that, a language agency also had their way with the book to raise the quality even further.

Needless to say, my publisher has really invested in the book and I think it’s going to be great even for you guys having English as you with English or American as your native language. For obvious reasons we can not afford to make the same effort with every blog post I write in this blog, so do not be too quick to review its language if you find peculiarities in my blog posts.

To check out the book — go to my publisher Intranätverk.

To follow my blog — go to webstrategyforeveryone.com or check out the book’s Table of Content

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