Who do you think would be happier: A student who has been receiving $30 in allowance every month for a year or another student in a similar position but receives $300 in allowance instead of $30?

Intuitively, the answer is simple. Obviously, the one receiving $300 will be happier because…

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds


Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows to watch would be CW’s The Flash. Although it was a superhero TV show (which tends to defy the laws of physics), I found it interesting how the show writers tried to squeeze science into the show to explain supernatural events.



When I was 11, I built my first computer.

In the process of building it, I had to research computer parts to use to build my computer. Here’s a picture of the completed build:

The cable management is horrible, though.

However, after building that PC, I didn’t stop doing researching computer parts. I learned that I…

A brief introduction to the history of computing and what it is now.


One thing I find super impressive about the human race is its ability to take simple objects and turn them into complicated ones. For example, you’re reading this article on nothing more than a bunch of electronic switches. I’ve been fascinated with computers ever since I was a child and…


It’s no secret that there’s tension between China and the USA right now. Yet, it is during the trade war where innovation takes place. As a smartphone enthusiast, I love to stay up to date on the latest mobile technology. I noticed a trend where phone manufacturers were working towards…

Moore’s law, which states that the transistor density of integrated circuits will double every year, has slowed down. Many companies have attempted to combat this issue as the need for processing power increased. Despite a sharp increase in the costs of a new node, transistor density saw little improvement. While…

Marcus Chan

I’m a 16 year old aspie and tech enthusiast who can’t wait for the next big thing.

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