The values that help us upgrade the world to a better financial system

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At Luno we’re extremely proud of the culture and values we have built over the past seven years and continue to live today. To us, our culture and values describe how we Lunauts do things at Luno and what we value to ensure our success, collectively referred to internally as ‘Moontality’.

Our Moontality not only reflects how we operate on a day-to-day basis, but also who we aspire to be as we scale our company to positively impact lives across the world. An important tenet of the way we do things has always been to not just blindly accept things for what they are, even if it’s our own Moontality! Therefore every 18–24 months, with the team usually at least doubling over that period, we hold a mirror up to ourselves and ask difficult questions like “is this really still who we say we are?”, “do we actually live up to these values, even when we are having to make the tough decisions?”, “are there things that we embody that are not being captured in these values, both good and bad?” …


Marcus Swanepoel

Co-founder and CEO at Luno

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