Party Hard [beta 1]

Music blared and my head hurt.

“Are you having fun?” Joey screamed in my ear, his shirt having been discarded hours ago. I tried to focus in on him, but my vision was so blurry. I could see his sweaty, happy-go-lucky face, and his hard body, but I was too agitated to think sexually about my best friend.

“No,” I tried to mouth, but it came out more as a “Nuhhh.”

“What?” He screamed, pulling me close. Our bodies sparked as he drew me into his arms, avoiding the thumps and bumps of the crowd around us.

I’ve been to high school parties before. I’ve seen that “one guy”, who’s drugged and goes around screaming like an idiot, or passes out naked, or ends up humping a speaker; was I that guy today?

I couldn’t think.

Joey looked down at me as I threatened to topple over. “Oh my god, Tucker.”

“What?” I murmured, head leaning onto his warm body. The throbbing I felt turned into tingles. I wanted to be touched. Joey needed to touch me.

“Tucker, I’m gonna get you to bed, ok?” Joey worriedly stated, looking down at me as I began snaking my hands around his meaty body. I’ve always felt a type of crush for Joey, my best friend of… I think 6 years. He was always there for me. Maybe he could finally get rid of these tingles.

He lifted me up in his sexy, hot, tan arms and pushed past tight-dressed girls and flirty football jocks to get me up the stairs. Katie, the girl who was having the party, was watching us from the balcony.

“Is he OK?” Katie stated. I blinked.

“No,” Joey replied. I lolled my head back. The bright lights were starting to hurt.

“Joey… the light…” I whined.

“It’s ok, Tuck. C’mon.” He hoisted me over his shoulder, giving me the perfect view of his ass. It was huge, probably because as a linebacker, he was doing maybe 1000 squats a day. Smiling to myself, I slapped it as hard as I could with my hand and wolf whistled.

“Don’t touch my butt,” Joey instinctively growled. He’d gotten used to me doing that to him- I was determined to make him gay- but he was getting tired of it. Or maybe it was because I slapped him hard. Either way, he led me to a swimmy blue bedroom.

The walls were dancing in front of me. Flounder blew a raspberry at me while Sebastian smoked weed in the corner. Where was Ariel? Oh, she was standing at the door, like a prostitute in front of a motel.

“I’m gonna call your sister. She’ll help get you home,” Joey said. He checked his pockets before swearing. “I left it downstairs. Stay here, ok? Don’t move.”

And like that, he vanished. I curled up in the green comforter that lay on the bed. I began to cry. I really don’t know why. Whatever drug was in my juice, it was really fucking me up.


I froze up.

Noah stood at the door, in his formerly delicious glory, eyeing me up. I pulled the comforter up.

“Close the door,” I whispered, because the strobe lights were bleeding into the room and my eyes were starting to hurt again. Noah slid the door closed.

“You look… drugged.” Noah let out a little laugh after that, swirling his own drink. The smell of alcohol invaded the room. Bud Light.

“No shit, Sherlock. Where’s Watson to suck your dick?” I glared at him, but scooted back when he came near me. No matter how drugged I was, I’d never trust Noah again. Not after what happened in August.

When I found him in my Jeep with some sophomore whore.

He’d told me he wanted to feel what pussy felt like again. That as much as he liked our rendezvous, he felt weird, because he couldn’t hold onto any tits or pull hair.

The asshole.

“I’d rather it was you instead of Watson,” Noah tried to joke. I huffed, turning around and lying against the pillow. Flounder looked at me back.


“Don’t call me that,” I bit out. I waited for a response. When I didn’t get one, I turned around.

Only to meet the grunt of Noah’s fist as it hit my cheek. I screamed out.

“You little bitch.” Noah grabbed my mane and pulled it back, exposing my neck to his hungry eyes. Noah leaned down and started kissing against my flesh, moaning into my shoulder.

“Noah,” I tried to gurgle out, but now the drug was taking over again. I wanted to be touched. It’s been too long. I closed my eyes and moaned.

What was going on? I didn’t even realize I was shirtless until Noah pushed me up against the wall. I didn’t realize what was going on until I heard his pants drop.

And then I started to push him away. He held my arms back as they began to swing against his chest, grabbing at his black t-shirt.

“Stop,” he moaned, trying to pull my pants down. I began crying out.

“Don’t touch me!” Flight-or-fight began to kick in as I struggled against his body, but he was too muscular for my lean body.

“Just give in,” he breathed into my ear. “You know you want it.”

“Don’t touch me, you fucking bastard!” He stopped at my words, giving me the opportunity to jab my knee into his groin. He cursed out before grabbing my neck.

My circulation was cutting off.

I gagged out, scratching his arm, my face turning painfully red. I heard a distant knocking and yelling from the door.


Noah turned to me, before finally managing to rip my pants off. I was left in my Hanes while Noah was struggling to find a condom.

Because if you’re going to rape someone, you don’t want to leave any evidence, right?

Noah’s grip on my windpipe loosened, and I took the opportunity to bite into his wrist. Noah glared up at me, but softened when he saw my angry glare.

“Tucker.” He enveloped me in a hug. I didn’t hug him back.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t. This was supposed to be different.” Noah began sobbing into my shoulder as I looked around awkwardly, still wobbling from side to side because of the drug, because I didn’t know how to respond to my ex-boyfriend.

“I didn’t want to force you… Allyson told me if you took the pill, you’d loosen up.”

My eyes widened. The doorknob was jiggling. Joey’s mutterings were emanating from the other side.

“You…you drugged me on purpose?”

“I’m sorry,” came his instant reply.

Joey threw the door open, noticed Noah, and began roaring before ripping the sobbing man-child out of my hands.

“You were gonna rape him!?” Joey accused, before cracking Noah in the nose. Noah fell back as people started to crowd around the door.

I flattened against the corner, shirtless and desperately pulling up my ripped jeans, while Noah and Joey fell into a full out fist-fight. I tried to take a step forward, to break up the fight, but the bastard drug took my body again and I fell to the ground, suddenly extremely weak and tired.

Joey was struck by Noah’s elbow, and I heard a yell emanate from the crowd- only when Joey turned my way did I realize no, it was my yell.. Joey threw Noah into the crowd before running to scoop me into his arms once again.

“Stop doing that,” I laughed before feeling the throbbing in my head again. I saw Noah get led away by two other football players.

“Then stop ending up in these weird situations,” Joey murmured against my shoulder while leading me to the bathroom. Sitting me on the toilet, Joey got on one knee and began wiping my face with water.


“Are you ok? Did he touch you?” Joey asked after a while.

I shook my head. “No.”

“Good.” Joey pressed his lips against my temple. “Because that ass is mine!” He laughed and I blushed.

“You need to stop getting in the-“ Joey began, but when he noticed my blush me quieted down. “Tuck?”

“Erm… ah… it’s the drug,” I lied/slurred.

“Really?” Joey sat up, muscles rippling. I shrugged.

“It’s what you want it to be,” I laughed.

Joey rolled his eyes. “I’m straight, you fucker.”


“Yeah. Now shut up so I can clean your face- you look so pale.”

I stayed quiet as Joey rubbed lotion on my face to warm me up- I was getting chillier. That boy tried almost everything he could to make it seem like I hadn’t been taking drugs. Finally he wrapped a towel around me and pushed me out the bathroom, towards the back.

“My sister’s going to kill me,” I groaned.

“Tell me about it,” Joey laughed, ushering me into her car.