‘Economía de Bolsillo (Pocket Economy)’ a TV program to understand the economy in an easy and fun way.

On April 23 at 6 pm and on ‘The 2’ of TVE the show ‘Pocket Economy’ begins of which I am the presenter. Every Saturday at that time and on that channel the 13 episodes that make up the series will be broadcasted in which issues such as electronic ecommerce, the stock market, credit cards, insurance, employment, collaborative economy, income, unemployment, pensions, indirect taxes, the euro or savings will be discussed.

It’s been almost three months of work in which I learned many things about the world of television from the inside. It’s not the same to be in an interview or participating in a debate than to be you the one who must learn the script, interact in the street or be the interviewer.

The program aims to explain traditional economic concepts in a simple and easy way. In some episodes I helped write some of the examples and metaphors necessary to cover some issues that really become difficult to understand for those who are not adept at them. In 25 minutes you can watch interviews with experts from each interest subject, games or visual metaphors to understand each concept and the most fun, unforeseen encounters with people on the street who participated in everything.

This program aims to give the keys to improve knowledge of economic issues in a positive and fun optics. As the show’s ‘claim’ say, it is designed to ‘enjoy the economy without a tie’. To do this, you will see, I ride a roller coaster to explain the stock market, I row a boat through a lake to explain employment issues or even chase a herd of sheep to explain aspects of electronic commerce.

I’ll take both of these months. On the one hand interviews with people like the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, the controversial professor Hervé Falciani or the professor in economic structure Santiago Niño Becerra. In total more than 20 interviews from which I’ve learned a lot. The second thing that satisfies me is the human part of the work. I’m fortunate to work with a team that is passionate with their work, for which there was no time to finish, with working days that began before dawn and end after midnight, with trips throughout Spain and where everyone’s experience was awesome and the humanity and respect extraordinary. It is the most valuable.

You will see that the program has a plot, a story in each episode. A film script that links each subject, each example, each element. This is because the director, Roman Parrado, is in fact a film director, a very good one. The team that I’ve spent with almost 600 hours working more intensely is made up by some cracks such as Ruy Balañá, Albert Serradó, Ernest Peral, Ernest Cauhé, Irené Puig-Sedó and Rey Lancaster. There are more than twenty other members of the team with whom I have spent less time, but that are equally responsible for how well the issue has turned out. I’m not naming them all, they will show up in the credits.

I hope you’ll like the idea, the one who had least knowledge about doing this TV show was me. I think it shows sometimes;-). With that being said, if you don’t have anything to do, see you in ‘The 2’. At the moment there’s an advance on the Facebook page.

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