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If you have a technology company with high growth potential in the field of Big Data, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Mobile, SAAS, Sharing economy or artificial intelligence, with a product in the market, a defined path of internationalisation in the anglo-saxon market (United States and United Kingdom) and you are looking for financing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to implement before the middle of the month.

If your project fits us we’ll contact you. If you don’t come on time we will have another committee in the middle of July where you will have another opportunity. Contact us here.

If, on the other hand, you would like to participate in our fund, either because you’re already a member of others or you’re an individual investor, and consider yourself to be part of Idodi Venture Capital it gives you diversification because of its model and its space, contact us as well.

The will to invest in startups whose ‘roadmap’ contains a clear destination on the Anglo-Saxon market, especially the United States, makes at our fund in its beginning something different. It is true that we see many projects that include in its executive documents an internationalisation phase but often it is more a will than an accessible option.

In IVC this point will be treated with special care and we will not permit any affiliate to join us without having that point well solved.

In order to resolve this point, IVC is born with an Irish strategic partner that will help us in the study of this pattern and its real possibilities and, secondly, to help in achieving it.

As you know Ireland has become the direct channel of the big North American investment funds in European startups. It is not necessary that these startups are located in Ireland, simply it must be clear that there’s a loud speaker ready for its launch to the United States principally.

It is necessary to emphasise that we do not invest in ‘seed’ capital, in this field, personally, I’m already working and I am also a partner of another very interesting fund, Sitka Capital, more directed to an early bet. IVC seeks the second relief. That relief is taken when you’ve already been released in the market, you got a seed round and need now your first injection to reach the Round A. The success rate increases in this range although it is obviously more difficult to locate these companies.

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