#BlackLivesMatter and What We White Folks Can Do

The world sucks and we’re all doomed… many of us are feeling like that right now. It seems like everything is horrible. We feel helpless, and hopeless. The problems of racism, police brutality, a broken justice system, etc, feel too big. How could we possibly have any meaningful impact?

But there are things we can do. There are things we must do, because the way things are right now is not acceptable.

We can talk with our children, our families, our friends. We can point out and counteract the prejudices that many people hold in their minds and hearts (often without even realizing they are there).

We can examine our own racism. Because yes, no matter how liberal or evolved we may believe ourselves to be, we probably have some internalized racist beliefs. It’s inevitable when living within a racist culture.

We can lend our support to those who are being hurt, to let them know that they matter. We can amplify their voices so they can be heard above the noise of the status quo.

Social media is a perfect tool for this — find black activists speaking out about their experiences (hashtags on twitter are also a great tool) and link, retweet, and share their words.

We can break through the silo of whiteness.

We can look to the people who are organizing and putting together calls to action, and support their causes and organizations. We can contact our legislators and representatives — at the national, state, and local levels — and ask for their stances, demand their support for policies that bring us together and make people safe.

Campaign Zero- check what your representatives are doing about police brutality, and support policies to end it.

Organizations Addressing Police Accountability and Racial Justice- find organizations in your area.

This is What White People Can Do to Support #BlackLivesMatter

What You Can Do Right Now About Police Brutality

And lastly… because this work is exhausting, remember to also practice self-care. Because we need to keep on with this work, but we can’t help if we’re burned out.