Don’t Tell Me Rape Culture is a Myth

When women try to talk about rape culture we are often brushed off. Men mansplain about how rape culture is a myth, it’s not real. I’ve been told many times that our culture hates rape and does not condone it in any way, so obviously rape culture can’t be a real thing. It’s just that small minority of monsters who rape women, they’re just wired that way we can’t do anything to change it.

They explain that our actions as a culture don’t condone or encourage rape.

But when a college swimming star gets caught assaulting a fellow student, he gets a slap on the wrist because, well, think of his future right?

No use thinking of her future or how his actions affected her.

Besides, that girl shouldn’t have been drinking so much anyway.

No mention of how drunk he was or how that played into things other than to further excuse his behavior, even though drinking further incriminates her.

When famous movie stars, directors, writers, professional athletes, the list goes on get caught assaulting or raping their fan, an intern, their wife, etc, we say, “Well, but look they’re so talented. Can’t I separate their art from their actions?”

Their careers often continue, unblemished. How dare we judge such brilliance and talent?

Besides, those girls/women are probably just looking for attention, anyway. They’re golddiggers. They’re probably throwing around false accusations to get money or something.

Nevermind that the only “reward” these women get is often being harassed, humiliated, or even stalked by fans of their rapists.

When a guy we know from school or work or a friend-of-a-friend is accused of rape, we ask what was she wearing, anyway? Was she drunk? Did she really say no, or did she just change her mind the morning after? Besides, innocent till proven guilty, right?

Funny how he is presumed innocent but her guilt is assumed the minute she comes forward with her accusation.

We excuse and pardon these attackers every chance we get. We shame and belittle their victims. Every. Single. Time.

What message does that send to those who assault?

What message does that send to those who are assaulted?

Ever wonder why so few victims report their assault?

This is rape culture. Don’t tell me it’s a myth.