10 Tips to be less annoying as you WFH

Whether you have been granted magical ‘x flex days’ per month or are a hybrid-remote (50/50 split for instance) or are going all in with 100%-never-putting-pants-on-again WFH employee- there are several things you can do to help you keep that good thing going.

​​I recall during an intimidating interview with Kraft, after being asked by the CMO how I thought I could work for a Chicago office, while living in California. I replied with a largely made up statistic about in-office communications being 80% via email even with co-workers in the office next store. And while that probably closer to true than ever before, the burden of reducing the friction of working from home is on YOU. Through out my many years as a consultant, telecommuter and remote-hybrid employee, I have learned several ways to help those back at the home ranch forget you aren’t in the office physically.

1. Keep THEIR business hours: Since many of us are actually telecommuting with offices in different time zones, it is important to keep the office hours of your base office. Yes this means if you live on the West Coast you might have to hit your screens at 6am if your office is in Chicago, but it also means emails end around 3 or 4pm. Whatever the situation, remember the burden is on YOU to be available during the same hours your base office is working.

2. Embrace tech: With so many new technologies make it easy to connect with colleagues and clients via video, you have no excuse not to be on video for the majority of your meetings. Yes, this means your pajama tee…